Organ Transplants

World acclaimed organ and bone marrow transplants have been successfully carried out in Korea in many occasions. The transplantation process begins with an interview with the corresponding coordinator. Various clinical checkups are then carried out to verify the donor’s condition as well as an interview with a social worker to evaluate the intentions to donate. All transplantation formalities must be approved by KONOS (Korean Network for Organ Sharing).

Korean transplant teams (kidney, liver, heart, bone marrow etc.), in collaboration with other staff members, provide a comprehensive medical care. Conferences are held at a regular interval by each transplant team to carefully examine each case. Transplantation coordinators offer moral supports to donors and recipients in dealing with their crisis. Setting up a meeting with individual internal organ transplantation patients with donors allows them to share their experiences and inspires others to consider donation.

Korean physicians have an international reputation in the following;

  • Corneal transplantation (‘66)
  • Living donor kidney transplantation (‘69)
  • Deceased donor kidney transplantation (‘79)
  • Bone Marrow transplantation (’83)
  • Deceased donor liver transplantation (‘88)
  • Simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplantation (‘92)
  • Pancreas transplantation (‘92)
  • Heart transplantation (‘92)
  • Living donor liver transplantation (‘94)
  • Lung transplantation (‘96)
  • Simultaneous heart-lung transplantation (‘97)
  • The world’s first living donor liver transplantation using dual grafts (‘00)
  • Kidney transplantation on a 14-month-old infant weighted 7.5kg (‘01)
  • Intestinal transplantation (’04)
  • Simultaneous kidney-heart transplantation (‘05)

Asan Medical Center

Asan Medical Center established Asan Institute for Life Sciences and Clinical Research Center which function as the ground for research and training, new treatments development, and clinical study for cancer treatment.

Chonnam National University Hospital

For One Hundred Years, Chonnam National University Hospital [CNUH] Has Been Committed To Preserving The Health Of Its Patients. With Its Advanced Medical Infrastructure And Expertise. CNUH's Growing Reputation As A Leading Healthcare Provider Places It Among The Ranks Of The Best Hospitals In Korea And Indeed The World.

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