Health Screening

Health Screening Services are provided at a reasonable price, with experience, expertise and a variety of choices.

  • Basic Comprehensive Health Screening : physical measurement, cardiopulmonary function test, gynecologic test, etc.
  • Intermediate Comprehensive Health Screening : Basic Screening + ultrasound, stress echocardiography, bone density test, etc.
  • Advanced Comprehensive Health Screening : Intermediate Screening + MRI, PET-CT, etc.
  • Extensive Health Screening Program for lung cancer, heart diseases, spine, etc.

Precise diagnoses are guaranteed by excellent medical specialists and the cutting-edge medical equipment, such as DDR, PACS, TLAS, PET-CT, CT, MRI, and RT. One stop follow up care is provided with expedition in case that any abnormal symptom is discovered.

Andong General Hospital

We Are Certificated Medical Quality From Government Agency And Group Such As Awarded The Grand Prize In The First Maeil Business-Booz Allen Hamilton Knowledge Management(1999), Awarded ISO 9001 Certificate, Superior Of The Natural Childbirth Rate(2005~2007), A Grade In Estimation Of Emergency Medical Center(2005~2006).

Inha University Hospital

Inha University Hospital Is The First University Hospital In Incheon. The Hospital Was Established In 1996 With 16 Floors Building And 804 Beds And Is Now Achieving “Healthy Society."

Kyunghee University Medical Center

Kyunghee University Medical Center, Established In 1971, Is Composed Of Medical Center, Dental Medical Center, Oriental Medical Center, East-West Cooperative Treatment Center, And East-West Medical Research Center.

SAM Medical Center

We, as the proud members of Hyosan Medical Foundation SAM Medical Center, pledge allegiance to the residents of Anyang and God, with love, faith, and diligence, to guard Anyang’s health and to follow His calling in service and kindness.

Seoul National University Hospital

Seoul National University Hospital, With Its Prolonged History As The Central National Hospital That Provides The Best Treatments And The Finest Service, Founded And Has Been Operating The Children's Hospital Since 1985,And Has Been Commissioned The Management Of The Boramae City Hospital From The City Of Seoul, To Protect The Health Of Charity Patients.

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