Dental Care

Dental hospitals and clinics in Korea provide highly qualified dental care services, including implant, prosthesis, whitening, and orthodontics with distinguished dentists, techniques and dental equipment. Each provider has enthusiasm passion for the high quality of services in accordance with each patient's needs and provides a variety of services from basic dental cares to complicated procedures.

  • Prevention of swelling after painless treatments and procedures.
  • Trustworthy diagnosis and cure with digital CT and 3-D CT X-ray.

Andong General Hospital

We Are Certificated Medical Quality From Government Agency And Group Such As Awarded The Grand Prize In The First Maeil Business-Booz Allen Hamilton Knowledge Management(1999), Awarded ISO 9001 Certificate, Superior Of The Natural Childbirth Rate(2005~2007), A Grade In Estimation Of Emergency Medical Center(2005~2006).

Catholic Dental Hospital

Through Precise Diagnosis And Treatment With Newest Medical Equipment Such As The Latest Model Water Laser, Digital CT Might Decrease Swelling And Pain After Operation, Makes More Successful Result Of Operation And Less Visit Of Patients, And Prohibit Tissue Damage From Heat And Vibration.

Chung-Ang University Medical Center

The Center Was Designated As The Best Hospital In 2007 According To The Evaluation Of Medical Treatment For Cerebrovascular Accident Supervised By Ministry Of Health Welfare And Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service.

Konyang University Hospital

We Provide Comprehensive Medical With A Staff Of Over 120 Professors Konyang University School Of Medical Science And Have 813 Beds In 30 Special Clinics As Well As Cancer Center, Heart Center And Eye Center.

Kyunghee University Medical Center

Kyunghee University Medical Center, Established In 1971, Is Composed Of Medical Center, Dental Medical Center, Oriental Medical Center, East-West Cooperative Treatment Center, And East-West Medical Research Center.

SAM Medical Center

We, as the proud members of Hyosan Medical Foundation SAM Medical Center, pledge allegiance to the residents of Anyang and God, with love, faith, and diligence, to guard Anyang’s health and to follow His calling in service and kindness.

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