Cancer Treatments

Cancer Treatments are carried out by highly skilled medical professional teams dedicated solely to cancer treatments. "Higher Volume, better outcomes" is true in these healthcare services. The cure rates for stomach cancer, liver cancer and uterine cervix cancer are worth noting, since they are the commonest cancers in Korea. Nuclear medicine and radiotherapy techniques using the superlative equipments such as proton accelerator, thermotherapy, and cyber knife are amongst the best in the world.

* International Comparison of 5 year survival rate

  Korea (1995-2001) USA (1995-2001) + Japan (1996) ++
All 44.3 65.0 40.8
Stomach 47.3 23.2 48.1
Liver 13.1 9.7 14.4
Lung 13.0 15.3 15.0
Colon/Rectum 58.0 64.1 (53.5/51.3)*
Breast 82.8 88.2 80.2
Cervix 79.8 73.3 (65.4)**

+    SEER
++  Osaca Cancer Registry
*     Colon/rectum
**   Cervix and uterine cancer

Asan Medical Center

Asan Medical Center established Asan Institute for Life Sciences and Clinical Research Center which function as the ground for research and training, new treatments development, and clinical study for cancer treatment.

Chonnam National University Hospital

For One Hundred Years, Chonnam National University Hospital [CNUH] Has Been Committed To Preserving The Health Of Its Patients. With Its Advanced Medical Infrastructure And Expertise. CNUH's Growing Reputation As A Leading Healthcare Provider Places It Among The Ranks Of The Best Hospitals In Korea And Indeed The World.

Inha University Hospital

Inha University Hospital Is The First University Hospital In Incheon. The Hospital Was Established In 1996 With 16 Floors Building And 804 Beds And Is Now Achieving “Healthy Society."

Konyang University Hospital

We Provide Comprehensive Medical With A Staff Of Over 120 Professors Konyang University School Of Medical Science And Have 813 Beds In 30 Special Clinics As Well As Cancer Center, Heart Center And Eye Center.

Kyunghee University Medical Center

Kyunghee University Medical Center, Established In 1971, Is Composed Of Medical Center, Dental Medical Center, Oriental Medical Center, East-West Cooperative Treatment Center, And East-West Medical Research Center.

Kyungpook National University Hospital

Since Its Inception In 1907 By The Name Of Daegu Dongin Hospital, Kyungpook National University Hospital Has Been Dedicated To Mission Of Teaching, Research And Treatment In Medicine.

National Cancer Center

The National Cancer Center Hospital Is Composed Of 11 Sub-Centers Including 6 Organ-Specific Ones Such As Stomach, Liver, Lung, Colorectum, Breast And Uterine.

SAM Medical Center

We, as the proud members of Hyosan Medical Foundation SAM Medical Center, pledge allegiance to the residents of Anyang and God, with love, faith, and diligence, to guard Anyang’s health and to follow His calling in service and kindness.

Seoul National University Hospital

Seoul National University Hospital, With Its Prolonged History As The Central National Hospital That Provides The Best Treatments And The Finest Service, Founded And Has Been Operating The Children's Hospital Since 1985,And Has Been Commissioned The Management Of The Boramae City Hospital From The City Of Seoul, To Protect The Health Of Charity Patients.

Severance Hospital

Established In 1885 As Korea’s First Institution To Practice And Teach Western Medicine, Severance Hospital Has Not Only Witnessed The Development Of Western Medicine In Korea, But Was Also First To Introduce And Lead Many Of Those Developments.

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